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Albite contains an active substance consisting of a number of substances that enhance and stabilize PHB: magnesium sulfate, potassium phosphate, potassium nitrate, urea, and coniferous extract.

The active ingredient in Albit is a natural poly-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) biopolymer, synthesized by the useful terrestrial bacteria Bacillus megaterium and Pseudomonas aureofaciens. In the natural environment, these bacteria grow in the rhizosphere of plants and stimulate root growth, protecting plants from diseases and environmental exposure. Albit does not contain living microorganisms, which makes its activity more stable and less dependent on environmental conditions. Albit is a modern, innovative bio-stimulator of biological origin.

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Substance and mechanism of action of Albit

The active ingredient Albit is a natural biopolymer of poly-beta-hydroxybutyric acid from soil bacteria Bacillus megaterium. In natural conditions, these bacteria live on the roots of plants, stimulate their growth, protect against diseases and adverse environmental conditions. The composition of the drug also includes substances that stabilize and enhance the effect of the main D. in.: Magnesium sulfate, potassium phosphate, potassium nitrate, urea and coniferous extract. Albit does not contain living microorganisms (only D. v. Of them), which makes the effect of the drug more stable, less susceptible to environmental conditions. Albit is characterized by low cost and environmental friendliness of biological preparations, while at the same time it approaches chemical ones in efficiency and stability.

The mechanism of action of Albit is based on the stimulation of natural defense reactions of plants. The drug interacts with the receptors of the NADPH-oxidase system of plants, which stimulates the expression of a complex of antioxidant enzymes (superoxide dismutase, peroxidase, dehydroxyascorbate reductase, glutathione reductase). Plants treated with Albit acquire increased resistance to pesticidal stress, drought, extreme temperatures, frost, chemical pollution of soil, salinization, and other stresses. An indicator of the stress tolerance of plants treated with Albit is a high content of chlorophyll. The activation of NADPH oxidase under the influence of Albit also causes the synthesis of salicylic acid, an extremely active signaling compound that immunizes plants against diseases. As a result, plant tissues acquire non-specific resistance to a wide range of pathogens (for more details). Albit is the only antidote of biological origin. The drug has become the de facto antistress standard in farming practice. Due to the anti-stress effect, Albit allows to keep a significant proportion of the crop (up to 68%). As a result of the stressful effects of herbicides in the leaves of plants, the content of chlorophyll is usually significantly reduced, which further leads to a drop in crop yield (the so-called “herbicidal pit”). Albit as an effective antidote neutralizes the stress effect of herbicides, increasing the chlorophyll content.

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The main functions of Albit

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Yield increase. Thanks to the protection of plants from pesticide and other stresses, Albit steadily increases the yield of grain, sugar beet, sunflower, potato, flax, vegetables, legumes, fruit crops, fodder herbs by an average of 5-20% (Plant Protection and Quarantine, №9-2005 ). The yield increase of plants with high undisclosed potential (for example, buckwheat, rapeseed) reaches 50% to control the quality of the crop. Stress factors often reduce the quality characteristics of the crop. Albit increases the gluten content in wheat grain by 0.5-5.1% (on average by 2.3%). The sugar content of sugar beet increases on average by 0.3-2.0%, the yield of sunflower oil (VNIIZR) increases. In flax, the fiber percent number increases by 26–55% (Flax Research Institute). The content of vitamins in vegetables is increased by 6-25%, and the content of nitrates is reduced by 16-26% (VNIISSOK). The marketability of potato tubers under the influence of Albit increases on average by 6.9% (VNIIZR). Disease protection. Albit has a protective effect, inhibiting the development of a wide range of major diseases of agricultural crops (root decay, brown rust, powdery mildew, septoria, leaf spots, late blight and alteriasis of potatoes, grape oidium, bacterioses and others). Biological efficiency of Albit against diseases averages 40-90% (Plant Protection and Quarantine, №1-2005; Agriculture, №1-2007). The effectiveness of Albit against many diseases is not inferior to much more expensive chemical remedies, surpassing Albit at a price tenfold. So, against root rot of grain crops, the biological efficiency of Albit averages 59–81%, while for chemical treaters it is 40–70% (Plant Protection and Quarantine, No. 3–2005). Reducing the load of chemical fungicides and disinfectants. Processing plants with most chemical pesticides causes stress and temporary inhibition of plants (growth and development retardation), adversely affecting yield and its quality. Albit relieves the stress exerted by fungicides on plants and also immunizes plants against diseases, which leads to an increase in the protective action of the chemical. Therefore, the use of chemical fungicides in the tank mixture with Albit allows the use of the smallest of the recommended consumption rates of chemical fungicide. Experiments VNIIBZR, VIZR, VNIIZR, SRIA South-East and the other leading institutions (more than 250 field trials with fungicides and fungicidal protectants based on benomyl, dimethomorph, dithianon, difenoconazole, carbendazim, carboxin, Mancozeb, mafenoksama, metalaxyl, propiconazole, sulfur, spiroxamine , tebuconazole, thiabendazole, thiram, triadimenol, flutriafol, copper oxychloride, cymoxanil, cyproconazole, and epoxiconazole, and others anc. its effective than the full dose of the fungicide (Farming, No. 2-2005).

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Имя Фамилия

Фермер, Агроном

Решил попробовать действие данного препарата на небольшом участке винограда. Эффект получил очень неожиданный. Урожайность выросла и, соответственно, доходность также. Всем советую!

Имя Фамилия

Фермер, Агроном

Решил попробовать действие данного препарата на небольшом участке винограда. Эффект получил очень неожиданный. Урожайность выросла и, соответственно, доходность также. Всем советую!

Имя Фамилия

Фермер, Агроном

Решил попробовать действие данного препарата на небольшом участке винограда. Эффект получил очень неожиданный. Урожайность выросла и, соответственно, доходность также. Всем советую!


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